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Since 1996, PMG has been home to some of the biggest brands in the business. No matter the size or the industry, our goal is to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Whether it’s in Australia or internationally, we boast a portfolio and scope of work as broad and dynamic as the clients we represent.

PMG means family. We are proud of our culture and the grit and passion of our people. Your goals are our goals and we work with you to achieve them, whatever it takes.

We love a challenge; we thrive off it. Throw at us whatever you’ve got – we’ll have a great time working in partnership with you to make it awesome.

Ask us about the kinds of things we can achieve together. We are ready and waiting to prove that we mean what we say.

Drop us a line. We’d love to catch up.

  • Santa Vittoria We are Handsome Surfboards
  • White Wings Winter Baking
  • Budweiser Caps
  • Guinness
  • Cottee's 2L Jugs
  • Guinness Nuts
  • corona-namotu

Corona Namotu

Teaming up with our good mates at Monster Children Creative who gave birth to this cracking idea, PMG engaged Corona Extra punters to send one lucky winner and nine of their closest freeloaders on the ultimate surf escape to Namotu Fiji (home to the infamous cloud break). With prizing that fit the Corona surf brand pillar to a tee, not only did we drive active relationships with the target market, but we also gave venue staff a crack too with one of the most competitive trade incentives we’ve ever seen. The result? Such a hit that we’re doing it all over again; next stop – Maldives!

  • budweiser-caps

Budweiser Caps

An easy, simple mechanic that’s a hit with the people who count and keeps the punters coming back for more? No worries. We’ve seen these things pop up at everything from second-hand vintage markets, eBay, and even donning the mugs of every other Instagram influencer.

As massive supporters of the brands we work with, we’ve had members of our team wear them on their travels all over the world – and you better believe they’ve been stopped in the street and asked where they got them from. Uh, PMG made them… obviously.

Without the killer co-lab between PMG and Monster Children Creative on this one, it wouldn’t have been the huge success that it was.

  • hahn-superdry-table-taps
  • hahn-superdry-table-taps

Hahn SuperDry Table Taps

Hahn SuperDry are the kings of collecting experiences and Australians know there is no experience more valuable than sharing a beer with your mates. The challenge… How do we make drinking Hahn SuperDry an experience that is noticed and envied by every other person in the venue. The answer… The Table Tap! Taking cues from international beer trends we created a first to market and patented innovation to sit pride of place on the tables of 600 venues nationally. These self serve refillable units also caused a stir online with the activity ranking as the highest for social activity for Hahn SuperDry all year. A pour result?... I think not.

  • santa-vittoria-we-are-handsome-surfboards
  • santa-vittoria-we-are-handsome-surfboards

Santa Vittoria We are Handsome Surfboards

Santa Vittoria was born in Italy so fashion is in it’s blood. Australia’s favourite mineral water teamed up with one of Australia’s leading fashion designers We Are Handsome, to create this limited edition collab surfboard. PMG activated an exciting in store promotion and trade incentive across national independent supermarkets to give away 50 of these hand shaped beauties. The stores really got on board and using the creative support POS provided developed some in store executions that turned more heads than a catwalk model. Not only did they sell a tonne of water but the boards held their own in the surf too.

  • guinness-nuts

Guinness Nuts

Get a pint of Guinness, get a free packet of peanuts, find a golden harp inside to win a trip for two to Ireland… too easy! Instant gratification layered with a high-value aspirational prize turned out to be a winning combination with this one. From concept and design to full-scale production and delivery of over 150,000 packets of nuts across Australia, this promotion went—you guessed it—absolutely NUTS! Willy Wonka eat your heart out!

  • fine-wine-gifting-visibility

Fine Wine Gifting

This is arguably the most magnificent modular timber display ever to come out of PMG’s in-house custom builder’s crafty hands. This permanent-display-unit-come-bottle-glorifier was both functional and versatile. Designed to ensure maximum impact with minimal footprint, it gave outlets the tools to make it suit their store in whatever way they needed. And let’s be honest -- as a shopper, as IF this wouldn’t disrupt you on your path to purchase and make you buy a bottle or six.

  • white-wings-winter-baking

White Wings Winter Baking

Channelling our inner-child (it didn’t take long), we thought – doesn’t every kid dream of having their very own personalised apron? We certainly thought so and our friends at White Wings agreed when they saw the need to create an occasion that emotionally appealed not only to their target audience but also to the prime family decision makers – the kids. People went CRAZY for these things. Demand was so overwhelming that the original allocation needed to be doubled, and then sold out in a fraction of the time the first lot did. We had our own custom apron made as a result, spelt S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

  • cottees-2l-jugs

Cottee's 2L Jugs

Cottee’s is a household name and cordial is a household hit so how could we ensure the two are forever united as one? With the massively popular 2L cup-in-jug solution of course! Arriving to store in a self-displaying shipper saved a tonne of cash for our client on freight, not to mention being incredibly multi-functional and practical. ♫ PMG makes the jugs… that go to Cottee’s! To make the cordial… that ♫ I digress… anyway, it was a massive success.

  • guinness


Guinness is the most popular St Patrick’s Day drink in Australia and across the globe, renowned for its iconic dark colour and unique taste. We developed, executed and delivered a series of consumer promotions both On Prem and Off Prem to motivate shoppers to purchase Guinness in the lead up to, on and after St Pat’s Day. Whether it was t-shirts and hats in venue, or special edition twin packs for shoppers, we gave consumers a reason to think and drink Guinness outside and during the holiday that the brand has become synonymous with.

  • Heineken Bottle Wall
  • Jagermeister
  • Corona Baracuda
  • Wine On Tap Venue Takeover
  • Glenfiddich
  • Budweiser Superbowl
  • corona-baracuda
  • corona-baracuda

Corona Baracuda

Briefed on bringing the beach vibes of Mexico to the desert sands of the UAE’s Northern Emirates, PMG set out to develop a Corona beach shack that would disrupt consumers as they made their way into what can only be described as the mecca for booze shopping in Dubai – Barracuda.

This engaging display installation was fitted with real estate for interchangeable promotional mechanics and supported by thong-shaped floor decals that directed consumers straight to the pallet display of Corona inside the warehouse… too easy!

  • heineken-bottle-wall

Heineken Bottle Wall

We'll set the scene. Imagine a packed venue every night…bands that play to screams of an audience and a beer that resonates with thousands of wanna-be rockers. The lights go off and a hundred Heineken bottles light up to glorify the band before them. Yep, that was us… and we made Heineken GLOW. Our Heineken bottle wall display sat pride of place during all gigs over the two-week Live Lodge events. It was pretty cool.

  • wine-on-tap-venue-takeover
  • wine-on-tap-venue-takeover

Wine On Tap Venue Takeover

We know how great this innovation is – every pour from the tap is as fresh as the first drop from a newly-opened bottle. Awesome. But the challenge is the misconception from consumers. And what’s the best way to change their perceptions? Letting them experience it for themselves. In an age of pop-up everything, our version of a porta-wine lounge achieved everything we set out to do… facilitate high levels of product trial, encourage repeat purchase, and ultimately change the way consumers think. You should totally challenge us to change the way you think. Or you know, just come over for a glass of wine and a chat, we’re pretty easy going.

  • budweiser-superbowl
  • budweiser-superbowl
  • budweiser-superbowl

Budweiser Superbowl

Budweiser and the Super Bowl go together like, well… beer and sport… and it was our job to make sure venues had the tools to convince punters to skip Monday and come in and enjoy the show. The staff jerseys we produced not only looked great, but also ensured the key focal point for punters made the decision about which beer to choose at the point of purchase an obvious one. Across hundreds of venues including Sydney’s The Star, clear messaging and powerful imagery combined to create huge hype leading in to a full-blown activation that was so fun, even the Hayne Plane showed up.

  • glenfiddich


To increase the appeal of the number one whisky in Dubai, PMG developed two experiential concepts for the #GFExperiments Series playing on the brand pillars of Art and Music. The events were an absolute hit with influencers and invited guests, who raved about the immersive art and dining experiences.

  • jagermeister


‘What’s cooler than being cool…ice cold baby’.

A Jägermeister ‘Sub Zero Lounge’ at Barasti Bar in Dubai - that’s what. When Jägermeister wanted consumers to ‘Ignite Your Night’ and tap into the current trend of ice-cold shots, we thought it was a good idea to create an ice rave cave…in the desert…during a heat wave. Check out the case study to find out how it went (spoiler alert: it didn’t melt).

  • Aurora Coffee
  • Jarlsberg Cheese
  • Sydney Markets
  • Santa Vittoria
  • Vittoria Coffee
  • Paddy's Markets
  • paddys-markets

Paddy's Markets

  • vittoria-coffee

Vittoria Coffee

  • santa-vittoria

Santa Vittoria

  • jarlsberg-cheese

Jarlsberg Cheese

  • aurora-coffee

Aurora Coffee

  • sydney-markets

Sydney Markets

  • Jarlsberg Holey-Day App
  • Tooheys Extra Dry Augmented Reality
  • Schweppes Shake & Win
  • Yogurtland Australia Web Rebuild
  • The Cider Academy
  • Stella Artois Artisans Program
  • yogurtland-web-rebuild

Yogurtland Australia Web Rebuild

Being the largest frozen yoghurt chain in North America, Yogurtland isn’t your everyday franchise, so when tasked with the Australian web rebuild, we knew we couldn’t pump out your everyday website. Making sure we didn’t forget the important stuff, we created a website that delivers a unique user experience that matches Yogurtland’s colourful personality. If you don’t feel like frozen yoghurt after having a browse, it is possible that you may in fact be lactose intolerant without even knowing it yet.

Tooheys Extra Dry Augmented Reality

Keeping in mind this was over four years ago now… this was a pretty new and cool way to approach a promotion. Adding to the TED brand experience and aligning seamlessly with the brand strategy at the time, we decided to bring the stag to life. Ensuring we’re always at the forefront of market and technology trends is something we pride ourselves on and we were chuffed that our ability to match our vision with sound execution was recognised when we picked up the LMG Best National Promotion Awardfor this project. Check out the video to see what all the fuss was about.

  • jarlsberg-holey-day-app

Jarlsberg Holey-Day App

We were augmenting reality even before it was cool. Just in case a trip to Disneyland wasn’t exciting enough for the kids, we brought our buddy J-mouse to life to sweeten the deal. By simply hovering your device over the Jarlsberg logo, we made entering this promotion more fun than Christmas morning. It helped to sell a lot of cheese too, which was pretty grate.

  • the-cider-academy
  • the-cider-academy
  • the-cider-academy

The Cider Academy

When cider as a category exploded onto the market, we schemed up a genius plan with our clients and decided to send trade-staff back to school to make sure they really knew their stuff to make the most of it. Knowledge is power, and we know full well that the more people know about a product, the more likely they are to sell and/or buy it. Enter: the Cider Academy – a custom built digital portal for staff to access information, test their knowledge, and be rewarded for the trouble. You can’t really argue with a 98% attendance rate, so for schooling this one we gave ourselves an A+.

  • schweppes-shake-and-win-digital

Schweppes Shake & Win

What would you do with $100,000? We built a digital platform to give it all away… we’re pretty generous like that. Once consumers had purchased a Schweppes product they made their way to our custom-built microsite where they could shake their phone and instantly find out if they had won one of over 5000 prizes. An instant win where cash was king and even a bit of gamification thrown in… you could say we really shook things up with this promotion (sorry).

  • stella-artois-artisans-program
  • stella-artois-artisans-program
  • stella-artois-artisans-program

Stella Artois Artisans Program

A world-class beer deserves a world-class sales tool and on-premise execution. Despite being obviously super down to earth, we can really ramp it up and produce something spectacularly posh when we need to. Knowing full well that venue support is critical to the success of what we do, we ensured our fully-customised online digital ordering platform made life pretty easy for the sales team to demonstrate the benefits of becoming a Stella Artisan venue. From a simple idea with a solid execution, this platform totally nailed the brief.

  • Foster's Refresh
  • Jose Cuervo
  • Schweppes Shake & Win
  • Sydney Kings Creative Direction
  • Guinness Chips
  • James Boag's Bottle Render
  • guinness-chips

Guinness Chips

Based on the huge success of our Guinness nuts promotion, we were set the task of doing it all over again and taking it to the next level. Challenge accepted! We added a unique code inside each packet so that our data capture game was on point and then made the immediate reward bigger and better. We really wanted to push the boundaries when it came to the creative and develop something that really got the message across, disrupted shoppers at every touch point, and also looked super cool in true Guinness style. Check out where we ended up.

  • jose-cuervo-cuervo-de-mayo-2016
  • jose-cuervo-cuervo-de-mayo-2016

Jose Cuervo

In Mexico they celebrate Cinco de Mayo… In the UAE they celebrate Cuervo de Mayo. Well, they do now, and we think our creative helped. This key visual featuring our in-house developed ‘sugar skull’ lit the way in both on and off trade channels, setting the tone for a hugely-successful experiential event at one of Dubai’s biggest venues, Barasti.

  • fosters-refresh-dubai
  • fosters-refresh-dubai
  • fosters-refresh-dubai

Foster's Refresh

There is nothing more refreshing than a Foster’s for an Aussie ex-pat living in Dubai. Just ask one – we literally have several available waiting for your questions, don’t be shy.

In order to get this message across, we were asked to give the brand itself a bit of a refresh. Being careful not to go to town on clichés, we made sure the brand stayed iconically Australian but at the same time brought it into a new age showcasing the local lifestyle and flavour.

From top to tail we sorted everything from conceptual scamps to full-scale production, ensuring every minor detail was perfected before being rolled out across the UAE, making an ice-cold refreshing Foster’s somehow even fresher.

  • sydney-kings-newlook

Sydney Kings Creative Direction

The season ahead is set to be a massive one for the Sydney Kings. With a new team, coach, owners, stadium, and game-day experience, they are making a stand and looking to take back their championship throne. From the partners down, PMG are huge fans of the Kings and cannot wait until October 8th when the team takes to the court for the first time under Andrew Gaze’s reign (it should be Sir Andrew Gaze if you ask us). Until then, our challenge is to inspire the city of Sydney and ensure their return to glory is matched with creative equally as triumphant.

  • james-boags-bottle-render

James Boag's Bottle Render

How do you include a new-look bottle in launch POS when the new bottle doesn’t even exist yet?! No sweat! From being provided the bottle specs, we developed a render and 3D print-out, and then had our photoshop wizards bring it to life. The result? Literally better than the real thing. It is still a core asset across all James Boag’s artwork even though the actual bottle has been available for quite some time!

  • schweppes-shake-and-win-creative

Schweppes Shake & Win

These posters are making me thirsty! Once consumers had purchased a Schweppes product they made their way to our custom-built microsite where they could shake their phone and instantly find out if they had won one of over 5000 prizes. An instant win where cash was king and even a bit of gamification thrown in… you could say we really shook things up with this promotion (sorry). Now, quench your thirst on this juicy creative!

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